DEAR JANE is in the Seventeenth
                                                                      Year of her Journey!!

                                                                            122,000 copies sold!





Listed below is an enormous collection of tips collected by Karan Flansha compiled to help Janes of all levels.
Note that all files are in MS-Word format.

Thanks Karan!

Applique tips  part 1

Applique tips  part 2

Bingo & Notions & Tips & Tools part 1

Notions, Tips & Tools part 2

Foundation Piecing tips

Foundation piecing by hand

DJ in Print

Hand Piecing tips

Hand Piecing Curves

Machine piecing tips

Transparencies for Applique

Reverse Applique instructions

Jane & CW fabrics

G-6 Papa's Star

DJ Sashing tips

DJ Scallops

You can also download all of the files in one compressed Zip file.
TechniqueTips (178KB)