DEAR JANE is in the Seventeenth
                                                                      Year of her Journey!!

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Listed below is an enormous collection of tips collected by Karan Flansha compiled to help Janes of all levels.
Note that all files are in MS-Word format.

Thanks Karan!

Applique tips  part 1

Applique tips  part 2

Bingo & Notions & Tips & Tools part 1

Notions, Tips & Tools part 2

Foundation Piecing tips

Foundation piecing by hand

DJ in Print

Hand Piecing tips

Hand Piecing Curves

Machine piecing tips

Transparencies for Applique

Reverse Applique instructions

Jane & CW fabrics

G-6 Papa's Star

DJ Sashing tips

DJ Scallops

You can also download all of the files in one compressed Zip file.
TechniqueTips (178KB)