DEAR JANE is in the Seventeenth
                                                                      Year of her Journey!!

                                                                            127,000 copies sold!




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Quilts and Blocks

J-3 Rick's Volleyball Net, hand-pieced by Dana Lynch, Memphis, Tennessee, at Gettysburg Quilt Camp, July 24, 1998: the most perfect Jane-like block in the history of the project! Congratulations, Dana!!

Jane's House in Vermont

Here are some pictures I took on my recent trip to Vermont. Jane's house and birthplace are about a mile from The Historical Society in Shaftsbury, Vermont, where Jane is buried. You might want to look them up sometime.

The front of Jane's home. The area on the right was a porch until 1988-1989.

Jane's barn (Walt's too :-)). The lower level includes five horse stalls. The entrance to the upper level is in back, up the hill. What a place for a camp!

Jane's house and barn.

Jane's birthplace - diagonally across from her home on Route 7A, in Shaftsbury.

Jane's birthplace - view from the top of the hill beside her barn (across the road). Just look at the view of the mountains she saw every morning!

Jane's Grave

Jane's grave - Monument as photographed by Nancy Zinni, September, 1998

Jane's new monument, made possible by donations from Dear Jane quilters all over the world. The monument was set April 8, 1999 on her birthday. A special thank you to all who helped make this dream a reality.