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                                           Just Takes 2 - 2015

                                                                    March 1, 2015

                                                             Happy St Patrick's Day!



                                                                              Benjamin Biggs Block #15



                                                           Elizabeth Cover  Middleburg, Maryland 1848

It's almost Spring, and I know you all in the North and Midwest have a hard time believing it.
Even in Texas, we had 32 degrees. People were digging out their 1950's fur coats, getting ready for the bad weather. For those of us who have endured blizzards and sub-zero days, it's humorous to say the least.
I wonder what Benjamin and Elizabeth Biggs thought when they were in the midst of their first Indiana winter?

Block #15 completes Row 3 of your quilts. I envy those of you who are keeping up! Some of us are not on schedule, and some are slowly getting caught up. Would those of you who are catching up, please share your plans with we who are behind? We need your help.
Are you working on your borders?

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                         April 8-12, 2015

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I have learned a few lessons in the past month. One of them is the cost of sending a book to a distributor to sell for
you: Basically, it is the profits down to the cost of printing. Therefore, Susanna is now on sale!

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