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                                                                      Year of her Journey!!

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                                           Just Takes 2 - 2014

                                                                    August 1, 2014



                                                                          Biggs_Quilt_adjusted_2_(1) (2)_2wtmk


                                                                                Benjamin Biggs Block #8





                                                                 Block #8 Brenda's  start



Number Eight is a pretty little block. I love the delicate nature of all the blocks in this quilt. It's even more
wonderful to see close-ups of the blocks. Gay and I love the fact that many of you are keeping up with this project.
You are an inspiration to us.

You have probably noticed that Blocks 5-8 have all been posted as "starts." I am getting in trouble!
Every month I say I will have the next one completed. This month, I decided I couldn't even applique!
Then I look at the stitching in these flowers and remember what I tell everyone I meet: Finished is Better
than Perfect.
I thought I could finish if I removed the leaves but still no luck. Remember when we told you not to get
behind on the corners? I now have sixteen of them waiting in the wings.

Gay has Block #8 and lots of new family information for you at 

We are enjoying working on the genealogy of the Biggs family. We chuckle  that we spend our time
learning about other women's families and not our own. For me, this is number three: Jane Stickle,
Susanna Culp and now Elizabeth Biggs.

Keep posting your ideas and photos on the Facebook page and yahoo list!

There are still spots in the Dear Jane Texas Cowgirl Roundup: . Come join
us for lots of fun, fellowship and stitching!
New information about Susanna Culp 1848
has also been posted.

Please email me with any questions.

Pieceful Stitching!
Gay and Brenda