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                                           Just Takes 2 - 2014

                                                                  December 1, 2014

                                                                   Happy Holidays!



Whew! December already! I have to admit it's been a busy, happy time for me, but I'm ready to slow down a little and catch up on Ben Boy. I love seeing your blocks and quilt progress. They are real inspiration!

Like Gay, can't leave Block #10 just yet. While perusing my new Four Centuries of Quilts from the Williamsburg Collection, Cross and Trinity jumped off page 179. It isn't quite like the one in Ben's quilt, but it is a close second. Then I saw the Apple Pie Ridge block and Block #11- all in the same quilt! This is a top made by the friends of Rev and Mrs William George Eggleston, 1844-1847. Blocks were made in the vicinity of D.C., Northern VA and Baltimore, MD. It seems once you've become intimate with a quilt block, you see them every where. The fourth block? It's in the same quilt. I just added it for Gay, who loves all things cherry!


                                                                           Benjamin Biggs Blocks 1, 10 & 11 revisited


         Cross and Trinity                     BB #11                           Apple Pie Ridge                     Cherries for Gay


Well, I've spent all morning studying the Eggleston quilt the Eggleston quilt top. Guess I should post now!

  1.                                                                       nnoww

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