DEAR JANE® is in the Twentieth
                                                                      Year of her Journey!!

                                                                            133,000 copies sold!

                                                                     20th year of Publication 1996-2016!


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Description of Dear Jane® Workshops and Lecture

Day One: Meet Jane A. Blakely Stickle and her 1863 Civil War quilt; make several of the 4-1/2 inch blocks from her quilt, using quick-cut and appliqué techniques by hand or by machine. All levels, beginners welcome.

Day Two: Continue your miniature experience: challenge yourself with some of the more difficult 4-1/2 inch blocks from Jane's quilt; techniques included will be machine and hand-piecing, using freezer paper templates and appliqué. Intermediate to Advanced or Day One Participates

Day Three: The Ultimate Stickle Challenge: make those exquisite ice cream cone border triangles and the four corners! You'll receive instructions in piecing and appliqué to make them accurately and beautifully. Design your own block and make a wallhanging! Intermediate to Advanced or Day One Participate.

Note: Each class day is independent of the other and can be combined or listed as three separate workshops. It is not necessary for students to enroll in all three days.

Lecture: Approximately one hour of Jane Stickle information: quilts, slides, stories about Jane and about my travels to Vermont researching her life. Civil War and nineteenth century women's history included.

Applique the Dear Jane® Way
Now is the time to get rid of your fear of the "A" word forever! Appliqué is a skill that every quilter needs in her bag of tricks. Learn techniques for both reverse appliqué and onlaid appliqué, as well as how to look at blocks with different eyes. You will see the possibility of appliquéing even some pieced blocks! Skill level: Beginner to advanced

Dear Hannah ®
Begin your Dear Hannah quilt with a new bag of tricks: appliqué and hand piecing. Work on new techniques and learn how to make those tiny stems and little critters while having fun stitching! Skill level: Intermediate, Advanced

It's time to return to those good ole' days of yesteryear- or go where you have never gone before! Learn to relax with a needle and thread and hand-piece some new Dear Jane Blocks in the process. You will also learn to use foundation techniques without a sewing machine!

Learn this ancient Japanese art form. We will explore a variety of designs, stitches, and applications using  the "little rice stitch" of sashiko.   Your class project will be a 13 x 13 inch pillow. Fabric size is 13 X 26 inches. Kit price $15 includes design printed on fabric, needle, sashiko thread and pattern. All levels welcome.


Brenda M. Papadakis