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Happy New Year!!

New for Janiacs in 2010: Free Blocks of the Month!! The appliqué block would be pretty appliquéd or embroidered. These little gifties are for you in appreciation for sharing my Jane Journey.
The patterns are free. This means you may not sell them. Please feel free to share.
 Shop owners, you are welcome to use these blocks in your classes.

All blocks finish  4.5 inches. I like to start with a 6 inch square of background and trim when I finish.
We have appliqué tutorials to help you perfect your skills: 
Ruthann Zaroff has also shared her lesson on hand piecing using freezer paper on top in the same

Please email me if you have any problems. This is all new to me!
The important thing is that you enjoy making these little blocks and have a great New Year!
                                                                                                                                      big hugs,



PDF: You asked for it, you've got it! Many thanks to Gay Bomers (,
 Ruthann Zaroff ( and my son Michael for teaching me about pdf's
and helping me get these blocks ready for you.

January's  appliqué block is  First Bloom.  The pieced block is Texas Ranger from
 Block Base by Electric Quilt.

 January Blocks of the Month Revised

February's appliqué block is Little Red Bird. The pieced block is Navajo from
Block Base by Electric Quilt.

February Blocks of the Month

March's appliqué block is Gay's Blossom. The pieced block is Star of the West
from Block Base by Electric Quilt.

March's Block of the Month

April's appliqué block is Roses for Gracie. The pieced block is Texas Puzzle
from Block Base by Electric Quilt.

April's Block of the Month

May's appliqué block is Out on a Limb. The pieced block is The Star of the Alamo
from Block Base by Electric Quilt.

May's Block of the Month

June's appliqué block is Rosemary's Heart. The pieced block is Gold Nuggets
from Block Base by Electric Quilt

June's Block of the Month

July's appliqué block is Amy's Aster. The pieced block is Texas Tulip from 
Block Base by Electric Quilt

July's Block of the Month

August's appliqué block is Kirkland Warbler. The Kirtland Warbler is an endangered songbird
in Northern Michigan. The Pieced block is Broken Arrows from Block Base by Electric Quilt.

August's Block of the Month

September's appliqué block is  September Mum. The pieced block is Cowboy's Star from
Block Base by Electric Quilt.

September's Block of the Month

October's appliqué block is Desert Lily. The pieced block is Carson City from Block Base
by Electric Quilt...

October's Block of the Month

November's appliqué block is Wild Geranium. The pieced block is Cactus Rose from Block Base
by Electric Quilt.

November's Block of the Month

December's appliqué block is Christmas Rose. The pieced block is Prairie Queen from Block Base
by Electric Quilt.

December's Block of the Month

Many thanks to all of you who have participated in the BOM series
Please continue to send me photos of your blocks so we can have a Gallery of You

Photo Gallery    (click on photo for full-sized block)

Cindy Pucci First Bloom 

Cindy Pucci Little Red Bird

Eileen Taylor  First Bloom

Eileen Taylor Little Red Bird

Eileen Taylor  Navajo

Eileen Taylor  Texas Ranger

Eileen Taylor Gays Blossom

Eileen Taylor Star of the West

Eileen Taylor Roses for Gracie

Eileen Taylor Texas Puzzle

Donna Farley First Bloom

Donna Farley Texas Ranger

Mary Ann Olesen Navajo

Mary Ann Olesen Texas Ranger

Mary Ann Olesen Star of the West

Diana Van Rij Navaho

Diana Van Rij Texas Ranger

Donna Klein Star of The West

Karen Harrison First Bloom

Elaine Scott First Bloom

Elaine Scott Little Red Bird

Elaine Scott Gay's Blossom

Elaine Scott Roses for Gracie

Elaine Scott Rosemary's Heart

Amy Stevens First Bloom

Amy Stevens Little Red Bird

Amy Stevens Gay's Blosson

Amy Stevens Roses for Gracie

Amy Stevens Out on a Limb

Amy Stevens Rosemary's Heart